Custom Designed & Personalized Automation System

Experience a Fully Connected & Automated Smart Home, easily controlled by touch, voice, motion and timing.

We are committed to Keeping You Connected to What Really Matters. We know a smart home connects more than devices; it connects lives. Whether it’s receiving a notification your family is home and secure, creating a recurring dinner setting that promotes family engagement, or establishing lighting and temperature settings that begin the bedtime routine, we will help you design an affordable Smart Home Experience that is state-of-the-art and naturally reinforces what is important to you.

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Reinforcing values and connection in the home through automated routines. Waking Up Coming Home Dinner Time Family Movie Night Bedtime

We Make Smart Home Automation EASY

At Hi Solutions So Cal, there is no steep learning curve to “figure out” how to work your new devices. Our system is easy to use and accessible for every member of the household. No confusing controllers or messy closet full of AV equipment is required. We’ll show you how to control your personalized system easily with touch, voice, motion and timing.

Smart home devices shouldn’t have to be managed; in a Hi Solutions home, they just work!

We Make Smart Home Automation AFFORDABLE

A traditional system: A traditional home automation system can cost between $25,000-$100,000. The worst part is that customers STILL have difficulty operating it, and must pay the integrator to maintain and program it. 

Our system: Our system is a fraction of the cost of other integration companies. We’ve strategically partnered with the best smart home technology providers in the industry and we’re making complete home automation affordable and accessible to everyone.

We Make Smart Home Automation MEANINGFUL

Hi Solutions So Cal customers are unique and diverse and we love to provide personalized, custom systems that are different for every install! Our custom designers are focused on what you care about, what aspects of home automation are most important to you, and what routines you’d like to reinforce.

Would you like to make dinner time more special? Imagine one voice command that could instantly turn off the televisions, turn the house lights down, and adjust temperature and music settings.

We are not interested in just selling you technology and smart home devices. We are driven by the intention of connecting your family through home automation in ways you never imagined.



A Personal Interview

An Integration Representative will help you identify your smart home goals so the system is designed to best fit in your lifestyle.



We professionally, quickly, and neatly install your system accessories while respecting your time and minimizing disruption to you home space.


What Matters To You

The process of building personalized routines and automations begins. Our Integration Representative will demonstrate your system, including step-by-step instructions that fully connect you to the Experience you defined.

4. Service


One month of stabilizing your experience with education and system adjustments, as well as the one year warranty.
You will have the option to subscribe to the Keep Connected Ongoing Service Plan.

Our Guarantee

We will show up on time and deliver the Smart Home Experience™ we promised, or we will at no cost, return, re-evaluate agreed upon solutions, and make corrections to your satisfaction.

Ready for a Personalized Smart Home Experience?