The #1 Mistake in Smart Home

An Unplanned Smart Home is…NOT SMART


The Wrong Way – Choose the Devices First

We get it. Sometimes you just want the latest gadget you saw in a magazine. Other times, you are drawn in by a great deal. Before you know it, you add a lot of great products to your Amazon cart and have it delivered right to your door. It seems so simple. So easy.

Unfortunately, what is not so easy is making that stack of shiny new smart home devices work together in one cohesive, functional system.

What if your new doorbell doesn’t integrate with Alexa? What if you end up with a bunch of apps on your phone that you don’t know how to use? What if you buy a sound system that you can’t control? What if you buy technology that is already outdated?

Buying a bunch of smart devices does not result in anything more than a home full of smart devices. We have seen it many times. And while we can absolutely fix this, there is an alternative.

The Power of Intention: Amazing smart homes don’t happen by accident. They happen with strategic planning that brings product, purpose, and process together.

In a Unify smart home, everything works together.

The Unify Way – Choose the Experience First

 A smart home is so much more than just devices. A great smart home delivers an EXPERIENCE. Defining and planning for the experience you want is the first step in our process.

Experiences are created using audio, video, lighting and control. Ask yourself some of these questions: How do I want my smart home to integrate into my daily routines? What do I want to do in each space? How do I want the space to change to create different moods? What do I WANT?

I want one remote control for everything.

I want to control my music and volume from anywhere in the home.  

I want it to be easy.

I want it to work.

I want to know when a person is on my property.

I want to control things from my phone and with my voice.

I want to come home to a lit house.

I want to keep an eye on my side yard when I’m not home.

I want to know my kids got home safe and the door was locked behind them.

I want it look like someone is home when I’m on vacation. 

We’re listening. We hear you. Unlike other companies, Unify is not in the business of creating cookie cutter homes. We create custom, personalized smart homes that keep people connected to what matters to them.

After we understand and design the experience you want, Unify can identify what smart home accessories support the experience and work together with voice or touch control.

Let Us Do It for You

Do you know what a smart home is truly capable of? We would love to show you what a fully automated smart home can be.

Whether you are a complete novice or a semi-experienced DIYer, our design consultants will meet you right where you are and work with you to create the best smart home experience for you. We install and integrate home theaters, outdoor entertainment, whole home sound, lighting and shades, security and surveillance, networking, and access control.

What do you want YOUR smart home to do?