Unify Partnerships

Unify Smart Home has partnered with top technology brands to create a personalized, affordable, and state-of-the-art Smart Home Experience that is designed to connect you and your home environment through lighting, music, climate and security.

Experience a Fully Connected & Automated Smart Home, easily controlled by touch, voice, motion and timing.

Smart WiFi – Whole Home Solution

Traditional routers may not reach the far corners of your home. But access points can be placed anywhere to provide you with full-strength Wi‑Fi that’s perfect for your unique situation. It also works with your existing modem and any internet provider to deliver a consistently strong signal everywhere you need it. This gives you the freedom to place additional access points to reach difficult spots like the basement or backyard for flawless Wi‑Fi everywhere.

eero • Ubiquity Networks • Google Wifi

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Whole Home Smart Audio/Video

Imagine turning on your favorite music or playlist with the touch of one button or adjusting the volume of your whole-house audio system from any room. Imagine being able to view live video from your security cameras on any TV in the house just by asking Amazon Alexa to show you. Or simply asking Alexa to start Netflix or a movie while being able to pause skip ahead or rewind just by asking.  These are just a few of the features of a Whole Home Smart Audio / Video System.

Amazon Echo • Apple TV • Google Home • Amazon Fire TV • Sonos

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Entry Control System

All the control of your home is now at your fingertips. Not only are you connected to your security and camera systems, but you can control your door locks and garage door at the push of the button. See who is at your door in real time and receive notifications when loved ones arrive home.

August • Liftmaster • myQ
Ring Doorbell • Nest Hello Video Doorbell

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Security Surveillance System

A security surveillance system provides peace of mind. It allows you to view live or recorded video on your mobile device from anywhere at any time, but ironically it’s not all about what you record, it is about what you don’t record.  Not receiving notifications unconsciously provides the confidence of knowing nobody has accessed your home while you were away and if anyone had, you would have been immediately notified. No more heart stopping moments of realizing you were burglarized while nobody was watching.  Most thieves are looking for opportunity. A security surveillance system reduces their opportunity and gives you peace of mind.

Nest Cam • Ring Flood Cam • Logitech Circle 2

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Smart Lighting & Shades

We believe that lighting is the most misunderstood and undervalued smart home product on the market.  Smart Lighting is the Game Changer.  It dramatically contributes to every area of your smart home, Security, Luxury, Convenience and Savings.  With Smart Lighting you are able to set schedules, automatically turn lights on and off when leaving and returning home, control lighting while away, create lighting scenes and change colors just by asking.  With product partnerships your lights know when a security camera detects movement and can turn lights on instantly. In addition to providing security, being extremely cool and convenient lighting energy can be reduced by 90% resulting in a significant cost savings.  

Philips Hue • Caseta Wireless by Lutron

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Take control of your Smart Home. The Nest Learning Thermostat programs itself. It helps save energy. And you can control it from anywhere on your phone, laptop or tablet.

The ultimate sprinkler controller is at hand. Introducing Rachio, the Smart Sprinkler Controller that gives you control of your sprinklers and watering bill, right from your smart phone. Rachio turns your local forecasts, soil and plant types, sun exposure and more into a customized watering schedule that saves you water and money.

Nest Thermostat • Rachio

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