Smart home automation is more than just a bunch of devices. A true smart home is fully automated and controls your whole home environment. Sometimes, just adding one or two accessories can really change what the smart home can DO.

Recently, we asked our design technicians what their favorite UPGRADE accessory suggestion would be for a home owner wanting a simple Nest Hello Doorbell and 2 IQ Camera installation.

Here’s what they said:


“I would add a Lutron switch and a Google Mini. That way, at night two things will happen: 1) If one of the cameras sees motion, an interior light will come on and 2) The home owner will never enter a dark home. Also, the Google Mini can control the lights by voice and announce visitors when the doorbell rings!”


“For this combination I would recommend the August Door Lock, eliminating the need for a key…just one extra accessory adds an extra layer of security AND convenience.”


“I would always recommend Sonos, because EVERYONE needs music; the sound is spectacular and the technology is superb!”


“For [that combo] I could recommend lighting by Lutron Switches or Hue bulbs. This would enhance security;  if the camera detected a person near the perimeter, the lights automatically come on as if someone was home.”

In a Unify Smart Home, the options are endless. The best way to find out what your smart home can do is to schedule a walk through with one of our design technicians. They will help you discover what possibilities exist and pinpoint what is important to you and your family. They will work with you to create custom scenes and automation that will reinforce connection in the home.