The Big News

Nest® and Philips hue have teamed up!

“Philips hue can interact with all your Nest® products, from using your Nest Cam to turn off the lights when you’ve left the room to switching your lights to the best setting to see through smoke if there is an emergency. We can even use your Nest Cam together with Philips hue as a smarter security light or protect your home by simulating your presence when you are away.” –

With a partnership like this, it’s only the beginning! They will continue to work together to find new ways to better connect and integrate both products!

Four Things You Should Know

Leave home worry-free

When Nest knows you’re away, your hue lights will automatically switch off gently. When you are gone, we’ll make it seem like you are home by switching your hue lights on and off to mimic your presence.

A smarter security light

If its dark outside and Nest cam notices some movement then it turns on some lights after a short delay to make the intruder think you are there. Just like you would if you heard a noise. Don’t worry we’ll turn them off again 15 minutes after motion stops.

Leave the room, lights off

If Nest cam sees there has been no movement or noise for a while it fades off the lights in order to save you energy.

A smarter security light

If Nest Protect finds a possible hazard it will give you a heads up by flashing the hue lights yellow alongside the audible warning. In case of an alarm, the lights will flash red before going to a dimmed red state which is best to help you navigate in smoky environments.

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