This Dana Point home showcases what is possible with Sonos sound and Lutron lighting. Our homeowners have ease of control over their lighting and music experience, with over 35 scenes and routines. There are 15 audio zones in the home distributing music and video audio to in-ceiling speakers throughout. For convenient lighting and shade control, Unify utilized Lutron technology by including seeTouch and Audio Keypads in every room. 

At Unify, we believe that music and lighting sets the scene for every home occasion. In this home, each room has Lutron Audio Picos that allow the customer to play and pause Sonos music, adjust the volume, skip tracks, and sort through their favorite stations.

As the homeowners come down the stairs each morning, the press of a button on a keypad opens the shades, adjusts the lights, and begins their morning playlist. When it is time to entertain, they prepare the home by asking Alexa to “Entertain” or by pressing a keypad button conveniently located in the room. As guests enter the powder room, they have the ability to adjust music volume with the conveniently located wall-mounted Lutron Audio Pico. When sitting in the outdoor spa, the family can adjust the deck TV or music volume with an Audio Pico on a Lutron Tabletop Pedestal without exiting the water.