Our 30-year Story

Founders | Background | Vision and Commitment

Unify Smart Home founder’s Darrin Medley and Damien Klaas are brothers who were born and raised in Southern California and share a deep affinity for family unity.  

In 1976, the boys experienced the loss of their mother as a result of home intrusion.  After being raised separately by their fathers for approximately 14 years, Darrin and Damien reunited to form Medley Communications – a Cable TV Broadband Installation Company. For 30 years the two brothers have designed, built, and grown their company into a nationally recognized industry leader.  

Their passion for family, business, and technology organically led to the creation of Unify Smart Home, a company whose promise is “Keeping you Connected to What Really Matters.” Darrin and Damien intimately understand  the cost of a disconnected home and have masterfully designed their business to provide protection and security through a connected home experience that not only connects smart devices, but also connects lives.  

In 2022, Unify Smart Home officially became part of the Hi Solutions family.

We exist so that residential families can experience being connected to their home and the ones they love through a phenomenal Smart Home Experience.

We’re not interested in just selling you technology and smart home devices. We are driven by the intention of connecting your family through home automation in ways you never imagined.

The Original Unify Design Team

Professional Technical Team, Your Valued Partners

With respect for your busy family life, our technicians will help you achieve your smart home goals through teamwork and personalized support.

Our team knows that job satisfaction and a positive outlook on life comes from being good at what they do. We train and develop the skill-set and work ethic it takes to become the very best. Our business foundation is service; we believe we contribute to the lives of others when we provide service second to none. 

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