Did you know?

Sonos can help you connect to your music in ways you never imagined!

  1. Hands Free Voice Control. Sonos is integrated with Alexa, Siri and Google. Play, control volume, skip tracks, and pause, all with voice command.
  2. Every Room Sounds Different. Stream your favorite digital music subscriptions and connect to your apple music and play different music in different rooms. Or, have the same music playing in every room.
  3. Wake Up With Sonos. Build Sonos into your daily automations and routines. Sonos can put you to sleep or wake you up with your favorite tunes.
  4. Improves With Age. Sonos gets smarter and sounds better over time. Your Sonos speakers will help keep up with future trends and technological updates at no expense to you, thanks to free software updates.
  5. No Interruptions. With Sonos, the songs stream from your WiFi network (not your phone), so there’s never any of the dropouts, delays or interruptions associated with Bluetooth.