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We deliver custom designed & personalized smart home automation systems.

Discover the Unify Smart Home Experience

What will YOUR smart home do?

Discover the Unify Smart Home Experience

What will YOUR smart home do?

Unify Smart Home

Keeping you connected to what really matters  

Unify is committed to keeping you connected to the ones you love. We custom design, install and integrate leading smart home technology into a personalized and affordable system that completely automates and controls your whole home environment.  

A Unify Smart Home is fully automated, where lighting, music, climate and security are easily controlled by touch, voice, motion and timing.

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A Unify Smart Home learns and knows your preferences and works behind the scenes. If you have to constantly manage apps and give multiple commands then you have smart devices, not a smart home. At Unify we will help you design and create a Smart Home that is convenient, comfortable, secure and efficient.

A  Unify Smart Home Delivers.


A Unify Smart Home Provides:


    Unify Smart Home security features are ALWAYS working and protect the ones you love by proactively monitoring and recording activity.


    Comfort and amenities that were once reserved for the affluent is now available to everyone and becoming an integral part of our everyday lives.


    A true Smart Home helps you save money while positively impacting the planet. Replacing only one light bulb with an LED bulb reduces greenhouse gas emissions by almost half a ton.


Rave Reviews

Here’s what our customers are saying about us:

Unify Smart Home did an amazing job installing our cameras and doorbell, they were very professional, were here the day and time that was scheduled, the owner and his crew were extremely helpful explaining how the entire system works. The installation of the cameras and doorbell was perfect and if we could give them 100 stars we would. We would highly recommend Unify Smart Home, simply the BEST!!!

The ButlersNest Pro Site (June 2018)

Unify really exceeded my expectations. I hired them to install my Nest Camera and Hello doorbell, but they went above and beyond. They installed an August door lock and connected my cameras to the Luton Caseta lighting system they installed. They also integrated it all into my Apple HomeKit to make lights come on when my camera sees someone. The motion sensor that activates my Cafe lights in the backyard was another unexpected feature. I would absolutely recommend Unify to anyone who wants a smart home experience.

AntonNest Pro Site (August 2018)

Unify was one of the most professional companies I have worked with. We built our home 3 years ago, and decided not to put in all of the hardwired automation we wanted.  The cost was almost $40,000. Unify was able accomplish everything we needed, plus integrate my TVs for a fraction of the cost. Everything is wireless and my internet connection is strong from everywhere on the property (2.5 acres). Thank you for a job well done.

Ed MorelYelp

Unify Smart Home was (is) the most professional and accommodating company we have ever worked with. Darrin, Damien, and their team installed a Nest doorbell, thermostat, motion detectors, cameras, Yale keypad door lock, smart light switches, and everything needed to support these items. They are perfectionists in every sense of the word and genuinely nice. Their customer service is amazing! Darrin continues to provide support anytime I need help with any part of the system. I highly recommend Unify, and I can’t wait for phase 2 in the near future, Sonos sound and lighting. Thank you, Darrin and team!

DeniseNest Pro Site (August 2018)

Unify helped to install Phillips Hue lighting in several rooms in my house. The best part is my 8 year old now has a custom scene set up for bedtime and to help him wake up in the morning! It’s made our routine so much easier for school nights and mornings! He’s also learned to use voice control to adjust the colors of the lights in his room and to turn them on and off. He absolutely loves the lighting in his room now.

Karen E. Facebook Review (May 2018)

My experience with Unify has been excellent. A very professional, responsive and caring company. I installed a Ring doorbell. Quick fair quote, timely scheduled installation and follow-up. Even more impressive was the installation performed by Patrick. Very knowledgeable, helpful and personable guy. He showed us how to do everything with it and linked it to our Echo Show and even fixed our Nest thermostat programs.  Nothing but great things to say, Highly recommended.

Hank W. (Palm Springs)Yelp (August 2018)

What an excellent company to work with! Professional, super knowledgeable, and genuinely nice people. We had wanted a security system and smart home for a long time and didn’t know who to call. So glad a neighbor recommended them. Darrin, Damien, and team did an outstanding job installing a Nest system, including cameras, doorbell, keypad door lock, motion sensors, thermostat, light switches, etc. Their customer service is crazy good! Darrin continues to answer all my questions/concerns at all hours. Looking forward to a Sonos audio system and more goodies in the future. Thank you, Darrin, Damien, and team!

Denise L. Facebook Review (August 2018)

Darrin and his team were TOTALLY AWESOME! There is so much to like about these guys. Technology isn’t our thing, so we was super happy that they were experts in home automation!! We had a neighborhood situation, so we had to install a surveillance system ASAP. They came over within the week of my initial call (I actually think it was the next day) and within a few hours they had our home fully secure. They installed wired cameras, but there are ZERO cords showing. We are super impressed with the quality of their work! They also synced all of our technology up with Alexa, fire stick and iPhone apps. We had some pretty major internet issues (for years) which they also fixed (and were relentless in finding a solution). They also called us to follow up a few times after the install to make sure the system was still running smoothly. They were professional, timely, knowledgeable, honest and hardworking. We are planning to use them again to add some additional features to our home. I would highly recommend their service!

Jessica M. Yelp (April 2018)

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Your Smart Home Should be Smart.

A Unify Smart Home is a CONNECTED home – always working in the background. You don’t have to manage it. It just works.